GZPVC - GU10 PVC Downlight

  • Complete with Trims
  • Trims Available - White, Black, Brown


LED-NO1 - 240V 42 LED PVC Downlight

  • c/w White, Black, and Silver Trim


LVSH-WH - 12V IP54 Shower Light White

LVSH-BR - 12V IP54 Shower Light Brass

LVSH-CH - 12V IP54 Shower Light Chrome

LVSH-MC - 12V IP54 Shower Light Matt Chrome


COM65SH-WH - GZ10 IP65 Shower Downlight White

COM65SH-BR - GZ10 IP65 Shower Downlight Brass

COM65SH-CH - GZ10 IP65 Shower Downlight Chrome

COM65SH-MC - GZ10 IP65 Shower Downlight Matt Chrome


GZSH-WH - GU10 IP54 Shower Downlight White

GZSH-BR - GU10 IP54 Shower Downlight Brass

GZSH-CH - GU10 IP54 Shower Downlight Chrome

GZSH-MC - GU10 IP54 Shower Downlight Matt Chrome


EFR-DL-WH - GU10 Fire Rated Downlight White*

EFR-DL-CH - GU10 Fire Rated Downlight Chrome*

EFR-DL-MC - GU10 Fire Rated Downlight Matt Chrome*


EFR-TL-WH - GU10 Fire Rated Tilt White*

EFR-TL-CH - GU10 Fire Rated Tilt Chrome*

EFR-TL-MC - GU10 Fire Rated Tilt Matt Chrome*


EFR-SH-WH - GU10 IP65 Showerlight White*

EFR-SH-CH - GU10 IP65 Showerlight Chrome*

EFR-SH-MC - GU10 IP65 Showerlight Matt Chrome*

  • All Fittings are die-cast material
  • Twist-lock comes as standard
  • 90 minuites fire rating
  • Tested to BS476 regulations
  • Part 21,22 & 23 compliant
  • Part E (Aquostics) Part L & L1A

GZDL - Enclosed GZ10 Downlight - White

GZDL - Enclosed GZ10 Downlight - Brass

GZDL - Enclosed GZ10 Downlight - Chrome

GZDL - Enclosed GZ10 Downlight - Matte Chrome


GZTL - Enclosed GZ10 Tilt - White

GZTL - Enclosed GZ10 Tilt - Brass

GZTL - Enclosed GZ10 Tilt - Chrome

GZTL - Enclosed GZ10 Tilt - Matte Chrome


SLGZDL-WH - Spring Loaded GZ10 Downlight - White

SLGZDL-BR - Spring Loaded GZ10 Downlight - Brass

SLGZDL-CH - Spring Loaded GZ10 Downlight - Chrome

SLGZDL-MC - Spring Loaded GZ10 Downlight - Matte Chrome

SLGZDL-AB - Spring Loaded GZ10 Downlight - Antique Brass


SLGZTL-WH - Spring Loaded GZ10 Tilt - White

SLGZTL-BR - Spring Loaded GZ10 Tilt - Brass

SLGZTL-CH - Spring Loaded GZ10 Tilt - Chrome

SLGZTL-MC - Spring Loaded GZ10 Tilt - Matte Chrome

SLGZTL-AB - Spring Loaded GZ10 Tilt - Antique Brass


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