Laptop Repairs

We can repair your Laptop motherboard without replacing it. 

It is always more cost-effective to repair your motherboard than replace it. We offer low-level repairs replacing chips and diagnosing and repairing minor faults. 

We offer free diagnosis which means we only charge if the repair is possible and that you agree on the price. This means that there is no risk and our incentive to repair the item at a reasonable price.

What we repair


Screen Replacements From £65
Keyboard Replacements From £45
Hard Drive Replacements From £60
Battery Replacements From £40
RAM Replacement From £25
Factory Reset From £30
Broken Hinges From £45
Power Jack Replacement From £45
Graphics Chip Repair From £70
BIOS Chip Replacement From £60
DVD Drive Replacement From £25
Audio Jack Replacement From £30
Speaker Replacement From £35
USB Port Replacement From £45
HDMI Port Replacement From £45
Webcam Replacement From £35


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